AI Process Automation Tailored for Your Team

Effortless and quick automation of your repetitive manual workflows in customer service, operations, finance, sales, HR, and more -
no technical expertise required!

  • Seamless integration into your workflows
  • Document Processing, Data Transfer, System Navigation, and more
  • Increase productivity across thousands of applications

How it works

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Record Your Process

  • Install the assistant
  • Press record and show the process
  • No skills required
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We Build Automation

  • We make sure your automation is build to your needs
  • You only need to answer clarification questions
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Use Your Automation

  • Our automations directly integrate into your apps
  • Just click the button to run the automation
  • No change in habits required

Selected Use Cases

Customer Operations

Customer satisfaction is closely linked to execution speed - automating workflows resulting from customer interactions is key to achieving new levels of efficiency

Prepare CRM data for tailored tracking and reporting

Execute customer support ticket in ERP

Update customer data in your CRM

...and more

Finance & Accounting

Financial integrity and efficiency are non-negotiable - automate your finance operations to maintain flawless financial management

Extract data from invoices for accurate financial oversight

Optimize your data collection to ensure clear financial reporting

Enter and adjust financial data with high reliability

...and more

Sales Operations

Sales Operations is all about being efficient and accurate for great customer service to drive growth - automate to enhance processes

Streamline order processing from PDFs directly into SAP

Create personalized offers to effectively engage clients

Manage and edit lead lists with precision

...and more

Human Resources

Optimize your HR operations and hiring processes to ensure seamless employee management and satisfaction

Streamline onboarding processes to welcome new hires effectively

Manage employee data with precision and ease

Enhance your hiring strategies and reach top talent

...and more

Supplier Operations

Streamline supplier management and communication to ensure high customer satisfaction

Ensure accurate documentation and compliance by automating bills of lading

Transfer and enter data smoothly, eliminating bottlenecks

Enhance supplier communication for strong and responsive relationships

...and more

Success Stories

“automaited's solution swiftly transformed our damage report processing, achieving rapid results with minimal input from our team.

This efficient implementation not only sped up our operations but also heightened accuracy and scalability, markedly improving client satisfaction without straining our resources”

Sascha Schneider

Referent für strategische Projekte

“When we sat down as a team to examine the impact of AI on our daily operations, it became clear that order and invoice management were two areas that would benefit highly from automation.

We started the project with automaited and have an amazing solution integrated into our ERP Odoo to automate the order entry from any of our customers that place a pdf /excel order. The time gained now enables us to improve customer satisfaction”

Caroline Leopold-Metzger


Automaited is embedding Process Mining and AI Technologies to provide automations in a smart and efficient way.

This is a Prime Example of showing that Hybrid Intelligence is looking at Machine Intelligence and Human Intelligence at the same time.

Wil van der Aalst

"Godfather of Process Mining“, Professor @ RWTH Aachen, Chief Scientist @ Celonis

“You did a great job!! Thanks again, this is a great help to us!

This will save us literally 70% of the time compared to before

Amazing customized support, thanks"

Vincenzo Scavon

Scaled Operations Specialist

“Regardless of whether (situation-specific) list or standardized processing of business transactions - automaited quickly and reliably recognizes recurring patterns.

This not only improves the performance of individual business cases, but also reduces the error rate in case processing.

Process changes also generate no additional development costs - since the new process steps are learned by the user during case processing.”

Axel Kapellen

Division Manager Shared Service and Authorized Representative

“Automaited allowed us to make operational processes up to 70% more efficient.

They worked closely with the team to tailor their state-of-the-art technology to our internal processes.”

Tao Tao

Co-Founder & COO

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