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"Automaited was founded to democratize automation capabilities by enabling businesses of all sizes to automate all their repetitive tasks. Our vision is to bring automaited to every information worker around the world to reduce mundane work and increase desk satisfaction."
Denis, founder and CEO


Remote First

Our 100% remote company spirit allows you to create enough freedom in terms of working time and place from the beginning for an effective working environment with 100% trust (working time) and 0% micromanagement on our part.

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Stay focused on your performance

We offer you 1 meeting-free day a week - currently Friday - where you can focus 100% on your outstanding to dos and rework and no external requests or phone calls will arrive.

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We are a team

The feeling of togetherness and the daily team spirit are very important to us, which is why we try to add a little more color to the daily work routine with regular get-togethers, on-site events that take place several times a year, and daily virtual hangouts.
Four-legged "feel good" managers are also always welcome!

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Stay healthy

After your probationary period with us, you have the opportunity to set up your own individual and, above all, healthy workstation for a total of €500 - but don't worry, the hardware is included right from the start and you also have an attractive selection to choose from.

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Use your potential - daily

Each team member has a monthly budget to try out new meeting platforms and work formats for themselves or together with the team - gone are the months of waiting and writing proposals.

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Our Values


Don't be afraid of uncertainty, failure, or challenging existing ideas.Think outside the box!Think outside the box!


Mutual respect and acceptability, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or other characteristics.

Ready for action

Seize the opportunity to act when it presents itself.

Stay curious and ready to learn

We expect full commitment and offer you a steep learning curve.

Personal responsibility

We believe that self-determining work and promoting personal responsibility brings out the best performance from a person.

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Ahmed Koculu

Senior Software Developer

Raghavendra Kamath

Software Developer

Shantanu Gagat

Growth Marketer

Felix Fahr


Mehrdad Bozorg

Data Scientist

Lillian Reczek

Operations Manager

Ewald Bindereif

Data Scientist

Eric Marre

Co-Founder & CPO

Denis Golovin

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Alexander Schwabauer

Co-Founder & CTO

Patrick Müller

Co-Founder & CEO

Kornelius Klemm

Business Development

Anne Friedrich

HR Manager

Hendrik Flamme

Head of Data Science

Antje Jablonka

Senior Product Analyst

Dominik Chmiel

Head of Engineering

automaited team
Hendrik Flamme

From day one, I have been actively involved in the AI component of our assistant and have taken responsibility for its design and implementation. I really like the fact that I can play a major role in shaping our product and the future of the company.


Data Scientist

The best thing about working at automaited is the team spirit and the dynamics. Everyone is very helpful and cooperative. It is a pleasure to work with such an intelligent team that has immense expertise and is eager to tackle and get issues done.


Business Development

From day one I actively contributed to the AI component of our assistant and took over responsibilities for its design and implementation. I really like that I have a significant impact on shaping our product and the direction of the company.


Data Scientist

The best thing about working at automaited is the team-spirit and drive. Everyone is super supportive and collaborative. It is a joy to work with such a smart team who have immense expertise and are eager to get things done.



“Automaited allowed us to make operational processes up to 70% more efficient. They worked closely with the team to tailor their state-of-the-art technology to our internal processes.”

Tao Tao

Co-Founder & COO

"Regardless of whether (situation-specific) list or standardized processing of business transactions - automaited quickly and reliably recognizes recurring patterns. This not only improves the performance of individual business cases, but also reduces the error rate in case processing. Process changes also generate no additional development costs - since the new process steps are learned by the user during case processing."

Axel Kapellen

Division Manager Shared Service and Authorized Representative

“You did a great job!! Thanks again, this is a great help to us!" "Amazing customized support, thanks" "This will save us literally 70% of the time compared to before”

Vincenzo Scavon

Care Agent