Excel to Jira

Applications involved:

The Situation:

In this case, an employee has the task to create structured Jira-tickets based on information from a very large excel-table. The employee has to combine use case specific rows from the table into one ticket. The details of which rows must be combined don’t really matter, but what is important is that this task requires a human in the loop to be accomplished. Several manual steps are involved in this process:

- Going back and forth between Excel and Jira
- Copying and pasting a format template with dummy values into Jira  
- Exchanging values in the ticket template based on information from the Excel-table

This process is repeated several hours a day and occupies 25% of the time of the employee every week.

How automaited helped to solve this:

Automaited has developed the perfect solution for this. The automaited assistant is an ai based RPA software, which can automate any repetitive tasks executed on a user's desktop.
In this particular case, automaited erased all time-consuming, manual steps in the workflow.  
Since the user is key for deciding which features are combined into one ticket, the user keeps full control. After selecting the required rows in the table, all information can automatically be transferred into Jira with just one click.

See what it looks like in this demo below:


- automaited integrated the solution within 24h at the customer’s infrastructure, achieving a blazingly fast time to value
- The customer saved 40 hours per user per month
- Employee satisfaction has increased tremendously