Our new automaited AI assistant

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Intuitive interaction

Simply chat with natural language with our AI (powered by GPT)

1000+ integrations

Access and use 1000+ integrations through one interface

AI automation

Automaited AI turns recording into an  automation (smart button)

Millions of building blocks

The automaited AI holds millions of building blocks to build the computation graph (= automation)

175 billion parameters

Size of the Language Model for mapping your automation wish to the automaited instruction model

Super fast

500+ features of the UI tree the system processes per second to identify the context and combine  it to automation instructions

What our users say

Wow - this is a game changer! It will save us a ton of time.
A woman with long blonde hair.
Customer Service Agent
The integration of GPT is really amazing and a game changer. This makes my life much easier!
A man with curly hair.
Sales Manager