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Operations Specialist
Saved: 7.5h / week
Entering order data
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Supply Project Manager
Saved: 8h/week
Creating order tickets
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Shipment Data Executive
Saved: 2.5 h/week
Updating TMS
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Operations executive
Saved: 15h/week
Updating ERP data

"68% of Logistics Enterprises Still Struggle with Order Document Handling"

Automate  Logistics Data Processes with A Single Click

AI Adapts Process

automaited’s AI assistant follows actions performed and understands what data you want to extract from the Email or PDF. Bonus The assistant can also predict and suggest process for automation.

Shares Smart Button

After understanding the context of the repetitive process, automaited generates a "smart button" which automatically trigger data extraction actions between applications of your choice.

Automate With a Click

Save time, every time you automate a repetitive order or document handling tasks with zero errors. The automaited AI assistant is with you all the way!