70% Faster Order Processing for Deppeler

About Deppeler

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  • Rolle, Switzerland
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Deppeler SA, the Swiss market leader in dental instrument manufacturing, has a rich history of innovation. This family-owned business is renowned for its commitment to quality and efficiency, a testament to its pioneering approach in the industry.


  • 70% of Order Processing Time Saved
  • 95% Error Reduction
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

Project Scope

Use Cases

System Navigation
Document Management
Data Handling
Ticket Handling
Ticket Creation
Data Extraction
Data Extraction
Data Modification
Data Entry
Invoice Correction

Applications Used

Amazing Solution

“When we sat down as a team to examine the impact of AI on our daily operations, it became clear that order and invoice management were two areas that would benefit highly from automation.

We started the project with automaited and have an amazing solution integrated into our ERP Odoo to automate the order entry from any of our customers that place a pdf /excel order. The time gained now enables us to improve customer satisfaction”

Caroline Leopold-Metzger

Caroline Leopold-Metzger


The Challenge

Deppeler SA, a manufacturer, receives orders in various formats via email from distributors worldwide. The manual entry of these orders into the ERP system, especially given the diversity of products and color variations, was time-consuming and dreadful. The high volume of monthly orders compounded the inefficiency, necessitating an innovative solution to streamline the process.

Project Scope

Use Cases

Data Extraction
Data Entry

Applications Used


Implementing the automaited assistant that automatically processes order details from PDFs to Odoo. This implementation aimed to minimise human intervention, thereby reducing errors and accelerating processing time.

Previous Manual Process

Before implementing the automaited assistant, employees of Deppeler had multiple manual tasks to tackle for each order on a daily basis.

These steps were included:

  • Checking and copying order details from PDF or Excel files received by email
  • Navigating to the dedicated sales page in the ERP system Odoo
  • Creating a new order in the system
  • Entering data from the order file field by field into the order page
  • Quality check to ensure all data is in the correct format

Automated Process

After the implementation of our assistant:

  • Order data gets automatically extracted and the remaining previous manual steps can all be executed with a click in of a button.
  • Logic-based operations such as discounts and shipping methods are correctly handled and entered according to the set rules


The implementation of the automaited assistant has brought forth multiple benefits:

  • Efficiency improved: Processing time was cut by up to 70%.
  • Accuracy enhanced: The error to almost zero, ensuring data integrity.
  • Scalability achieved: The system adeptly manages diverse order complexities, facilitating business growth.
  • Customer satisfaction increased: Quicker, more accurate order processing leads to happier customers.

Embracing automation and AI has markedly boosted Deppeler SA's operational efficiency. This case study exemplifies how innovative solutions like automaited's can redefine industry standards, ensuring companies remain competitive while delivering exceptional service.