Automating Ordering Process: 70% time saving for logistics company

Large Logistics Enterprise

  • Logistics
  • EU
  • 500-1000
The case is of a large logistics operator who manages large consignments of goods and services.


  • 60-70% of Order Processing Time saved
  • 95% Error Reduction
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

Project Scope

Use Cases

System Navigation
Document Management
Data Handling
Ticket Handling
Ticket Creation
Data Extraction
Data Extraction
Data Modification
Data Entry
Invoice Correction

Applications Used

"Thanks to automaited we have now streamlined our order management process. This previously manual task is now 70% more efficient.The implementation was really quick, only a couple of weeks from our first conversation to the ready built automation."

VP Supply Chain

VP Supply Chain

The Challenge

In the modern logistics landscape, speed and accuracy are of the essence.
Companies constantly face the challenge of efficiently processing complex orders received via email.
It becomes more complicated when these orders come in various formats like PDF documents or plain text.
This case study focuses on how automaited can automate such processes.

Project Scope

Use Cases

Data Extraction
Data Entry

Applications Used


Implementing the automaited assistant that automatically processes order details from PDFs to ERP/TMS to reduce human errors and improve processing speed.

Previous Manual Process

Before implementing the automaited assistant, employees of the logistics company had multiple manual tasks to tackle for each order on a daily basis. 

These steps were included:

  • Checking and copying order details from a PDF received by email
  • Navigating to the dedicated customer page in the TMS 
  • Creating a new order in the system
  • Entering data from the order PDF field by field into the order page
  • Quality check to ensure all data is in the correct format

Automated Process

After the implementation of our assistant, the data from the order PDF gets automatically extracted and the remaining previous manual steps can all be executed with a click in of a button. Logic-based operations such as determining the loading date (cargo ready date + 7 days) or applying specific rates for different containers are automatically handled.


The implementation of the automaited assistant has brought forth multiple benefits:

  • Efficiency: With automated data extraction and order processing, the time taken from order receipt to order booking was reduced by up to 70%.
  • Accuracy: Automated data extraction minimized human errors, leading to higher quality output.
  • Scalability: The capability of handling varying levels of order complexity ensures it can scale as per the company's needs
  • Customer Satisfaction: Faster and more accurate order processing translates to higher customer satisfaction levels.

Embracing automation and smart data extraction processes can dramatically transform the logistical landscape of a company. By optimizing these key areas, logistic companies can ensure they stay ahead in the competitive market, delivering timely and error-free services to their clients.