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About GetYourGuide

  • Travel & Tourism
  • Berlin, Germany
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GetYourGuide is a Berlin-based online travel agency and curated marketplace, which sells tours and excursions for multiple tourist attractions worldwide.


  • 95% execution time reduction in individual process steps
  • 50-70% time saving on the overall process
  • All different process variations automaited

Project Scope

Use Cases

System Navigation
Document Management
Data Handling
Ticket Handling
Ticket Creation
Data Extraction
Data Extraction
Data Modification
Data Entry
Invoice Correction

Applications Used

Tailored Automations

“Automaited allowed us to make operational processes up to 70% more efficient.

They worked closely with the team to tailor their state-of-the-art technology to our internal processes.”

Tao Tao

Tao Tao

Co-Founder & COO

automaited realized massive efficiency gain

“You did a great job!! Thanks again, this is a great help to us!

This will save us literally 70% of the time compared to before

Amazing customized support, thanks"

Vincenzo Scavon

Vincenzo Scavon

Scaled Operations Specialist

The Challenge

Monthly, thousands of manual entries have to be made into the proprietary ERP. No off-the-shelf automation tool was able to help in an easy way.

Travel and Tourism companies like GetYourGuide often need to purchase attraction tickets in advance. With a company size like GetYourGuide, this task can easily build up to thousands of instances in a month. 

Each ticket needs to be manually entered into the ERP system so the ticket appears available on the website for the customer to buy.

Efficiency and automation are high on the priority list for technology companies like GetYourGuide. Nevertheless, for this lengthy custom process (~3-4 min per ticket), no off-the-shelf automation solution was able to easily help. Other tools often only offer automations for standard applications or would have been very expensive to customize.

Thus GetYourGuide outsourced the task to reduce the cost for the company. But with several thousands of events per month, this process was very expensive.

Project Scope

Use Cases

Data Entry
Data Modification

Applications Used


Step 1

Analysis and breakdown of the process

The manual execution of this ticket creation process took several minutes. The process itself contains several different steps across systems, such as 

  • Navigation through the internal ERP system
  • Compressing and combining PDFs
  • Transferring multiple data points
  • Uploading of files
  • Selection drop-down values

Together, automaited and GetYourGuide, dissected the process in its parts. Each part was reviewed and analyzed for automation readiness (e.g., process stability, number of exceptions, logic, …).

Based on these results the teams decided to split the automation into 3 parts:

  • Navigation to relevant pages
  • Data entry
  • Data entry based on the uploaded file

Note: Manual file handling and uploading remain as is due to the high number of edge cases

Step 2

Setting up the system - custom adaptation of automation

As the GetYourGuide internal ERP system is custom-built, automaited had to manually integrate the ERP to realize the first automation.

This was done by testing a few iterations of automations to ensure the automaited applications interacted with the GetYourGuide ERP as expected.

Right at this point in time, a new version of the internal ERP was released. The automaited team quickly added the new version to the automation as well. This time in a much faster way as the core of the system remained the same.

Now after the initial integration of the GetYourGuide ERP system, all further automations will not require these custom adaptations.

Step 3

Let the magic happen - Testing and Go-Live

The final automation version was installed and tested in a joint video meeting.

As soon as an automaited GetYourGuide user now opens a ticket creation request in JIRA, they are provided with a smart button that triggers all relevant process steps.


After the first recording of the process, the automation was ready, tested, and fine-tuned within a couple of days. The team realized significant efficiency gains across the process. 

  • 95% time reduction on the execution of individual process steps
  • 50-70% time saving on the overall process
  • Very happy users with more time for complex tasks