Navigating through Salesforce with AI Process Automation

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This case study explores how Automaited's AI-driven assistant has revolutionized Salesforce operations for a leading technology services company, focusing on automating the repetitive workflow of support ticket creation.


  • 79% Decrease in Time for Support Ticket Creation
  • Increased Consistency in Ticket Logging
  • Heightened Productivity in Customer Support

Project Scope

Use Cases

Ticket Handling
Ticket Creation
Data Extraction
Data Extraction
Data Modification
Data Entry
Invoice Correction

Applications Used

Automaited's integration with our Salesforce system is groundbreaking. It has not only sped up our support ticket creation process but also brought uniformity and precision in handling customer queries.

Head of Customer Support

Head of Customer Support

The Challenge

The company faced significant bottlenecks in manually handling high volumes of customer support requests through Salesforce. This included:

  • Navigating through Salesforce to log new support tickets.
  • Manually entering customer data and issue details.
  • Assigning and escalating tickets based on specific criteria.

Project Scope

Use Cases

Ticket Creation
Ticket Handling
Data Modification

Applications Used


Automaited’s solution focused on automating the entire process of support ticket creation and management within Salesforce.

Previous Manual Process

The manual process was time-consuming and error-prone, involving:

  • Reviewing customer emails and extracting relevant details.
  • Manually logging each ticket into Salesforce.
  • Assigning tickets to the appropriate support team based on the issue category.

Automated Process

With Automaited's assistant:

  • Automated extraction and logging of customer issue details directly into Salesforce.
  • Automatic ticket categorization and assignment using AI algorithms.
  • Seamless integration with existing CRM systems for complete data sync.


The implementation of automaited's solution led to remarkable improvements:

  • Efficiency: Vast reduction in time spent on ticket creation and assignment.
  • Consistency: Uniform ticket logging leading to improved tracking and resolution.
  • Productivity: Support teams can focus on complex tasks, leaving repetitive work to the AI assistant.

This case study exemplifies how integrating Automaited’s AI-driven automation with Salesforce can significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of customer support operations, especially for companies dealing with high volumes of support requests.