Streamlined Efficiency in Damage Report Processing for ROLAND Assistance


  • Insurance
  • Cologne, Germany
  • ~400
ROLAND Assistance is a German company renowned for providing comprehensive assistance services, including roadside, home, and legal assistance. Their solutions are designed to offer timely and effective support, ensuring clients' peace of mind during unexpected situations. With a focus on customer satisfaction, ROLAND Assistance integrates innovative technologies and a dedicated team to deliver reliable services across Germany.


  • 90% of Processing Time Saved
  • Elimination of Manual Entry Errors
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

Project Scope

Use Cases

Ticket Handling
Ticket Creation
Data Extraction
Data Extraction
Data Modification
Data Entry
Invoice Correction

Applications Used

“automaited's solution swiftly transformed our damage report processing, achieving rapid results with minimal input from our team.

This efficient implementation not only sped up our operations but also heightened accuracy and scalability, markedly improving client satisfaction without straining our resources”

Sascha Schneider

Sascha Schneider

Referent für strategische Projekte

The Challenge

Companies like ROLAND Assistance, particularly those working with B2B clients such as insurances, car manufacturers, leasing and rental companies, encounter a high influx of reports daily. The lack of integration between the companies' internal systems and their clients' systems necessitates manual handling of a significant number of reports. Consequently, a significant number of employees are required to dedicate extensive time to managing these reports.

Project Scope

Use Cases

Data Entry
Data Modification

Applications Used


automaited's solution, which operates independently of integrations or APIs, can interpret the interface of nearly any application, allowing for rapid setup. This capability facilitates seamless data transfer between disparate systems, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention and expediting processing times.

Previous Manual Process

ROLAND's administrative staff previously engaged in a series of manual tasks for each damage report, including:

  • Reading data from the damage report
  • Opening the corresponding contract file in the target system
  • Combining, merging, and formatting data appropriately
  • Conducting a quality check to ensure data accuracy

Automated Process

With the automaited assistant, the following improvements were realised:

  • Automatic processing of damage reports between ROLAND's system and their business partners' systems at the click of a button
  • Logic-based operations that ensure data accuracy and appropriate handling


The adoption of the automaited assistant yielded significant advantages:

  • Efficiency: Processing time reduced by up to 90%
  • Accuracy: Elimination of manual entry errors enhances data integrity
  • Scalability: The system can handle increasing volumes of reports without additional staffing
  • Customer Satisfaction: Faster processing times lead to improved client contentment

This case study illustrates the profound impact of automation and AI on enhancing operational efficiency at ROLAND Assistance. automaited's innovative solutions are setting new industry standards, enabling companies to remain competitive and deliver superior service.