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Automation at Stadtwerke Bonn

About SWB

  • Public utilities
  • Bonn, Germany
  • Employees 2,300
Stadtwerke Bonn GmbH (SWB) is a municipal local transport, supply and waste disposal company in Bonn


  • On average 35% time saving
  • 45% time savings for highly repetitive tasks
  • 20-30% time savings in processes with many decision paths

Project Scope

Use Cases

Ticket Handling
Ticket Creation
Data Extraction
Data Extraction
Data Modification
Data Entry
Invoice Correction

Applications Used

“Regardless of whether (situation-specific) list or standardized processing of business transactions - automaited quickly and reliably recognizes recurring patterns.

This not only improves the performance of individual business cases, but also reduces the error rate in case processing.

Process changes also generate no additional development costs - since the new process steps are learned by the user during case processing.”

Axel Kapellen

Axel Kapellen

Division Manager Shared Service and Authorized Representative

The Challenge

No holistic automation solution for process variants

Before working with automaited, SWB had already evaluated various automation solutions and RPA providers and even implemented them in the company (such as UiPath). However, this often led to complications because not all processes can be automated end-to-end. Especially the many process variants made this very difficult.

In addition, SWB's requirement was to implement a solution that would not only work in one department, but could be used in as many areas of the company as possible.

As with many companies, there was already a full roadmap for further automation analytics projects and no spare capacity for new projects.

Since automaited does not require the customer's development resources and there is no costly analysis phase as with other automation solutions and process mining, it was decided to try out the automaited wizard.

Project Scope

Use Cases

Invoice Correction

Applications Used


Step 1

Free analysis of automation potential:

The automaited wizard was installed on 4 user accounts and over a period of several weeks automatically identified repetitive process patterns in previously defined areas and applications

  • The analysis phase does not require any IT resources and could therefore be set up quickly despite SWB's already full IT roadmap.
  • Result: High automation potential was identified in the areas of invoice correction and housing management.

Step 2

Final adjustments:

  • automaited takes over the final tuning to identified applications and use cases

Step 3

Go-live: using the automaited wizard:

  • After the integration, the automaited assistant went live
  • Users are shown smart buttons and can trigger automations by clicking on them


A few weeks after the decision, the assistant could already be used by users. Significant efficiency gains were realized in the process:

  • On average, SWB was able to save 35% of the time in the application processes with the automaited assistant.
  • The wizard provided the best support for highly repetitive processes. Up to 50% of the clicks were eliminated & approx. 45% of the time was saved.
  • 20-30% time savings in longer processes with multiple decision paths.

In addition to the time saved, employee satisfaction has increased because many tedious tasks have been automated and the time saved can be invested in more value-adding tasks. The feedback from employees is that they no longer want to do without the automaited assistant.