Challenge 7:
Purchase Order


Welcome to the SAP Purchase Order Use Case Page

The Purchase Order process in SAP helps companies add demanded products into orders without them being in stock yet. The process usually starts with an requirements email about a certain material that has to be ordered from a supplier. That email contains the material and supplier number which will be extracted.

These extracted numbers will be used during the purchase order process.

As not everyone is familiar with SAP (and it is complex), you can follow the step by step process described in the area below (below the extracted email data).

You can log in to SAP with one of our demo accounts: [LINK]

Happy automating

Extracted Data:
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On your SAP home page, go to "Purchase Order Processing".

In the Purchase Order Processing environment click on "manage purchase orders" to create a new purchase order.

Use the extracted email data to create a new purchaes order.

Automation Step 1:
Click on "create" to reach a new purchase order page.

Automation Step 2:
Enter the "supplier number" and click on "create" for a new purchase order.‍

Automation Step 4:
the "material number" and "order quantity" into the new purchase order item.

Automation Step 5:
After entering the data, click on the little arrow at the end of the row to edit the purchase order details. ‍

Automation Step 6:
You have now landed on the detail section of the purchase order.
Scroll down to the delivery details and choose the standard storage location "171A".

Step 7:
Scroll down further to the supplier information control.
Under confirmation control, select "inbound delivery".

Step 8:
Click "Apply" to save the changes.

Step 8:
Click "order" to send the purchase on its way.


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