Challenge 3: 
Select the right drop-down value and date

Challenge instructions
Watch the video to understand the challenge and create an automation for this task.

In your job, you have access to information regarding the delivery location and delivery date for an order you've placed and then add them in your system. The location shows which factory, and the date tells us when it arrives.

Create an automation which performs your task of selecting the correct delivery location from a dropdown menu and choosing the delivery date from a calendar within the system.

Other Important Details

  • The text is The delivery location should match the city provided under "New location," and the date in the "New Date" should be selected in your calendar. consistently, making it easy to identify key details.
  • If the “New Location” is not found under “Delivery Location”, the field should be left empty.
  • Case sensitivity and partial matches are not required. If the delivery location is not listed in the alternatives on the right, do not select any of the alternatives.
  • The format in the "New Date" field is always DD/MM/YYYY.
  • If the "New Date" is not found in the calendar, the automation might skip the step.
  • Except performing these two tasks, there is no additional steps that the assistant should perform.
Use the automaited assistant to automate the described task.
Great Job!
You seem to be getting the hang of it!
If everything is clear until now, lets move on to the next challenge!

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