Challenge 4: 
Manage your ERP data entry

Challenge instructions
Watch the video to understand the challenge and create an automation for this task.

You have a table on a webpage containing information about the new automaited users, including their Name, Email, and Company. Your daily task is to transfer this data into your ERP system, which is displayed as a form on the same page:

  1. Insert the relevant data from the the first row into the form and press submit.
  2. Continue with the next row until all rows have been processed.

Create an automation that automates the task above to transfer the table data into the ERP system.

Other Important Details

  • The ERP system form displayed on the same page only requires Name, Email, and Company.
  • Each row in the table represents one entry to be transferred.
  • The submit button should be clicked for each table row.
  • When the table rows are all submitted, there is no further action required.
Use the automaited assistant to automate the described task.
Challenge 4: Transfer multiple data lines into a system
Fill table rows with new values
Peter James Parker
+49 173 9245228
Acme Corporation
Elon Musk
+1 23521233242
Star Corp. Inc.
Helga Grün
+49 30 520023
Schmidt GmbH
Achim von Walz
+49 161 2366422
Paul Logistik Gbr
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