automaited integrates OpenAI’s GPT-4 to enhance AI-powered customer experience

Automaited recently integrated GPT-4. A product from the AI research and development company OpenAI. The integration adds more power to the development and prediction of automations. It also enables the automaited team to create a better, more intuitive customer interaction.

Automaited lets customers build automation in the easiest way. Increasing productivity and freeing up time. At its core automaited is building a process automation AI model. The automaited process model is trained with real customer process data. Each customer provides billions of process data points. These data points need to be processed, analyzed, and potentially turned into automations. For more complex automations the team from automaited supports the automation creation process and adds the required context.

The recent integration of Chat-GPT enables automaited to analyze the massive amount of data much faster. This allows a much leaner prediction of automations. Further, it supports the data and engineering team to turn data into code efficiently. Even more important it allows a new form of customer interaction: building automations via chat.

“The current AI developments are helping us to develop our product in faster iterations,” said Denis Golovin, CEO of automaited. “Our customized way of using Chat GPT as addition to our proprietary tech stack allows us to ship improvements to our product faster and more efficiently. Further, we are able to create a unique and simple customer interface. Simple chats allow the customers to build an automation in a simple way. Like never seen before.”

Besides the customer interaction, automaited’s unique approach gives customers access to new important functionality. Now customers can easily summarize data, create text, add data or compare information in an unseen way.

Automaited includes the Chat-GPT features right out of the box. Customers do not need to request or pay extra for the usage of these innovative functionalities.

Find examples of how OpenAI’s GPT-4 is used on our YouTube channel: