automaited wins renowned investors and makes RPA solutions usable for everyone

After an earlier pre-seed financing in early 2021 from the TechVision Fund I, Visionaries Club, and business angels, the startup Automaited (formerly known as aiConomix) has now secured 4 million euros in another funding round.

New investors in the subsequent funding round include global venture capital firms Headline and Northzone, as well as other renowned business angels. With the fresh capital, Automaited plans to further advance product development and enter new markets. The Cologne-based company, founded in 2020, has developed a self-learning software assistant that automates recurring computer-based work processes using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Process Mining. The startup already supports numerous well-known clients with its solution and now intends to heavily invest in expanding its workforce.

Achieving rapid product success necessitated an earlier funding round.

"We are pleased to have quickly connected with major investors like Headline and Northzone – we see this as part of our mission for the young companies we invest in," says Dr. Ansgar Schleicher, Managing Director of the Management Company of TechVision Fund. "As the automaited team has convinced so many customers of the ease of use of its solution so quickly, we are now investing in the company's growth earlier than planned."

The first self-learning RPA solution on the market.

The automaited software assistant automates various computer-based tasks and is also applicable to unique or changing workflows. By utilizing RPA, the assistant independently identifies repetitive work processes and suggests suitable actions to the user, such as copying data or completing entire forms. Unlike traditional RPA solutions, automaited does not require assistance from a programmer and learns from the users' knowledge.

"As a result, automaited can seamlessly integrate into existing enterprise software," says Denis Golovin, CEO and co-founder of automaited. "The laborious identification of automatable processes and their programming is eliminated. automaited discovers and adapts to these processes in real-time. Currently, there is no simple and scalable solution on the market to automate monotonous tasks as economically and meaningfully as automaited."

The three founders and CEOs of automaited, Denis Golovin, Alexander Schwabauer, and Eric Marre, are graduates of RWTH Aachen University and mentees of Will van der Aalst, a thought leader and pioneer in the research and application of Process Mining. Through their collaboration with the "Chair of Process and Data Science" at RWTH, the founders have access to the latest research insights and the opportunity to flexibly and extensively test new technologies.

Image: Eric Marre, Alex Schwabauer, and Denis Golovin, founders of Automaited (from left to right).