The 11 most successful & well-known startups in Berlin

Tasks that are repeated on the computer can be done by a computer.

Following this motto, automaited was founded in 2020. It is a software that analyzes your work processes. It recognizes tasks that you perform repetitively in your work and takes over for you. For example, if you often have to enter data from Excel tables into other systems, automaited can do it for you.

In other words, the boring part of your work is taken over for you. This is a unique example where AI does not replace and make humans useless, but works with them.

Overall, over 4 million euros have been invested in automaited and the team currently consists of 15 people. But will automaited prevail? I think so. Because with this tool, employees can complete their tasks faster. And every employer understands that time is money.

Thus, it is quite possible that automaited will soon be used by large to small companies in the areas of insurance, sales, and administration.